We all know how lonely life can get... even in the Bay area—whether working, looking for work, single, married, in college, or just trying to figure life out. We weren’t created to do this life alone, which is one of the reasons we believe that God created us as relational beings.

We believe real life change happens best in the context of authentic relationships, which is why we host groups that meet weekly in locations around Oakland—providing welcoming spaces for us to connect, grow, and share life with each other.

Groups are also where we gather as friends (new and old), share snacks and meals together, and discuss tough questions regarding life and the person of Jesus as well as other topics. Regardless of your background, we’d love to invite you to check us out. Please email us at: info@therealmchurch.com for more information.


Adams Point



East Lake Shore


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San Leandro, CA

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

The Fesmire’s


What are Groups?

Realm Church Groups usually consist of 5 to 15 people from diverse backgrounds that meet weekly around Oakland. Our groups discuss topics ranging from the application of historical truths in the Bible, the arts, book reviews, movies, careers, singleness, marriage, financial workshops, in-depth Bible studies, and more. Whether you’ve attended a church, haven’t attended a church, or consider yourself Non-Religious, you’re invited to come hang out with us! We’d love to invite you as our special guest, or meet up with you for coffee. Either way, you’re welcome at Realm! We look forward to connecting with you!

Group facilitator Opportunities

We believe that God is a relational being who created us to have authentic relationships with other humans in the context of community. Thus, groups are lead by Realm Church members who desire to create an environment for people to connect with each other and grow spiritually.